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Hi, The Hair Clip Gurl (THCG) here! If you are looking for scrunchies, you came to the right place. My scrunchies are what I am famous for. My scrunchies will hold your mane. It doesn’t matter how thick your hair is. I got chu! I have four sizes, Queen, Jumbo, Regular and Mini. I have a few styles of scrunchies too. Be sure to check those out!

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So what is the difference in the sizes? The difference between Regular and Mini size is the elastic length. Regular is for Thick to Medium hair. Mini is for medium to fine hair.  While Queen and Jumbo is the fabric width difference, bigger and more fluffy. Please refer to my sizing guide photo

Elastics are double knots to ensure the elastic will not break. Elastics are of top-grade quality. Fabric Materials are from a local source.  Please read the below description to see what material for this scrunchie and size chart.

I pack each order with care and love from the bottom of my heart.  Also, I thrive on being eco-friendly with my packaging. I source my packaging from local, sustainable companies to make sure you can recycle the packaging.

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Stay Safe,

Sandy, The Hair Clip Gurl



- Made out of Knit
- Elastic Length: 7 - 7.5 inches
- Fabric Weight: Medium/Light
- Handmade in Canada


- Fine to Medium Density Hair 
- Wraps 2X - 3X around the hair
- Hand Wash
- Hand to Dry



Mini size  - Fine to Thick Density Hair  
Regular size  - Medium to Thick Density Hair  
Jumbo size  - Medium to Thick Density Hair  
Queen size  - Medium to Thick Density Hair  

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